2 Day Capacity Building training for communication officer

We are pleased to announce that ActionAid Nigeria recently organized a two-day capacity building training for communication officers of its strategic partnership agreement project. The training was aimed at equipping communication practitioners with the necessary project engagement skills to drive impact across implementating communities. The event was held at the Corintha Hotel in Abuja, the session was attended by representatives of various organizations working towards the implementation of the Strategic Partnership Agreement Project.

Clement Isong Foundation was ably represented at the training by its Communication, media and policy Lead. Attendees discussed the challenges faced by communities and learned new strategies for addressing them. Communication practitioners had their skills built in organizational identity, vision, mission, credibility, branding, ethical storytelling, captioning of pictures, video editing, case studies, factsheets, and documentaries.

The training focused on the rudiments of ethical storytelling, which aimed to inspire and shape a better understanding of communities and the world at large. Practitioners were taught about the effective use of empowered pictures to convey the right messages in reporting and storytelling. Empowered pictures challenge the norm and dysfunctional culture of social media engagement.

Clement Isong Foundation gave an overview of their partnership with relevant stakeholders at the Subnational level in driving a youth policy framework in Akwa Ibom, including the challenges faced in implementing key project indicators for community people. He reiterated the commitment of the organisation and its partners in driving learning outcomes for young community people and women for social transformation, justice and resilience. Danida and Actionaid Nigeria were called upon to support the team’s efforts towards a youth policy in Akwa Ibom.

The capacity-building training discussed how marginalized communities struggle to get their voices heard by policymakers and duty bearers. With the help of this training, communication practitioners were able to build the requisite skills in communication to amplify the concerns of marginalized communities. This initiative will undoubtedly have a positive impact on those focus communities.

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