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Clement Isong Foundation (CIF) is an indigenous, non-profit organization that advocates for good governance and best practices from governments, corporations, and citizens to drive faster and better socio-economic research and policy solutions towards facilitating inclusive and sustainable development. We are focused on delivering: Economic Research & Innovation; Policy and Governance Reforms, Education, and Institutional Capacity Strengthening for Societies.


CIF has established a formidable presence in Nigeria. With headquarter in Akwa Ibom State and field officers in its operational LGAs. CIF runs a vast network of good governance and allied professional staff, partners, and collaborators.

Clement Isong Foundation is looking to hire a Climate Action Research Consultant to lead a survey and action research on climate change, livelihood and young people as well as develop capacity for community led research for climate action based on the support from the SPA II team; data on any additional identified indicators in our results frame.

Job Title: Climate Change (Climate Change Expert)

Location: Uyo

Job Type: Short term
Project: SPA II (Strategic Partnership Agreement II)
Department: Program Management 
Reports to: State Project Lead

About SPA II

  • The Strategic Partnership Agreement II is a newly awarded Four-year agreement by DANIDA in collaboration with ACTIONAID, which commenced August 2022-July 2025; The SPA II project is implemented in Akwa Ibom by Clement Isong Foundation, Nigeria.


Objective of the SPA II project;

  • Young people, especially women and those facing marginalisation or fragility, enjoy their rights to an open and enabling democratic space and access to well-resourced programmes and public services.
  • Young people, especially women and those facing marginalisation or fragility, enjoys a just transition and their right to climate-resilient livelihoods.
  • Young people, especially women and those facing marginalisation, are resilient to shocks and enjoy their right to protection in fragile contexts, disasters, and protracted crises


Research Methodology

Literature Review: The research will involve a qualitative review of the latest grey and academic literature on youth, gender and climate resilience and adaptation. Other publications and documentation will also be reviewed.

Primary data collection

Building on this literature review qualitative primary research (Focus Group Discussions and Key Informant Interviews) will be carried out within selected LGAs) in the Akwa Ibom state on the assessing the impact of climate change on young people’s livelihood


Analysis and Outputs

Analysis of the findings will be written up into a detailed report that also explains the methodology used and the shortcomings of the research. A further output will be a shorter policy brief that will be used for the purpose of advocacy and policy influencing within the subnational and national levels in addressing the problems identified from the research


Overview of the Consultancy

The consultant would lead this research project from start to finish. The consultant would carry out the literature review, work with CIF team to refine the research questions, develop-out the methodology and carry-out the data collection. S/He would also lead the writing of the report and provide the policy brief.  The consultancy would take place over 13 days from November 24th to December 7th 2022



The assignment is expected to take place from November 24th to December 10th 2022 and is estimated to require a total of approximately 13 working days.


Specific        Responsibilities

  • Support the Project Team to implement a holistic Climate change research on ecosystems caused by changing climate strategy appropriate to the local context that allows CIF to strengthen the capacity of collaborators, partners, and CSOs to provide high-quality Climate change services
  • Support in the implementation of capacity-strengthening plans to drive factors that affect livelihood of young people.
  • Conduct a review of the Climate Action Plan, decipher the objectives into actionable items, and guide the Investment teams accordingly with reference to its application in different financing activities
  • Review the Climate Action Plan and update it from time to time to be abreast with the most recent developments in the area
  • Prepare a guideline for Climate risk screening during conducted activity



Expected Deliverable

The consultant is expected to deliver the following outputs with key process elements included in the timeline and outputs below:

  • S/he will support the Climate component of the SPA II Activity.
  • S/he will assist in the development and administration of questionnaire tools, analysis results, and articulation of appropriate relevant interventions to address identified gaps.
  • S/he will support the overall design, implementation, oversight, and reporting of Climate Change activities, including the design of behavior change and communication interventions and integration of Climate interventions in the production and market components as well as livelihoods and resilience improvement interventions in the activities.
  • Literature Review: academic literature on youth, gender and climate resilience and adaptation. Other publications and documentation will also be reviewed
  • Conduct the data collection, validate data, and present it in the format as given by CIF
  • Analyze survey data and present findings in tables, graphs, and presentation
  • Analysis report of findings and comprehensive list and findings of the survey showing the impacts of climate change on young people and livelihood within selected LGAs in Akwa Ibom states
  • Provide a Policy brief
  • Write report, make recommendations based on the research findings
  • Report should be submitted in hard and a soft copy on an external hard drive or Hard disk, it should also contain relevant documentation including video clips, quality photographs, links for reference purposes and any other material produced/documented during the field work investigation
  • Produce an advocacy tool on climate change and livelihood to be utilized for Stakeholders engagement



  • Prepare guidance notes on Climate change
  • Review and update Climate Action Plan


Information and business advice:

  • Assist Environmentally and Socially for capacity building of internal and external stakeholders


Knowledge management:

  • Undertakes training on Climate Change related thematic issues on Climate Change issues
  • Maintain good relationships with Government and non-Government partners working on Climate change in the LGAs.


Key Working Relationships:

  • Supervisory: This position has no supervisory role
  • Internal: State Project Manager, CSO Partners 
  • External: Ministry of Climate Change. Other related stakeholders.


Qualifications and Criteria for Selection  

The Consultant is expected to have the following qualifications: 

  • Minimum of master’s degree in social sciences, international development, statistics, or any other relevant field
  • At least 7 years’ experience in research and youth analysis and excellent knowledge of the development sector and humanitarian programmes including terminology
  • Experienced in conducting research using qualitative and quantitative data collection methods as well as coordinating and training data collectors
  • Demonstrated experience in research design, including selecting methodology appropriate for the project’s-specific factors, sampling, applying a mixed methods approach, developing/revising participatory data collection tools, developing data quality protocols and training enumerators
  • Minimum of 5 years of progressively responsible experience in Climate Change, Environmental Engineering, Earth Science, Geoscience, and Geography; or any other relevant field
  • Demonstrated experience in climate change, environmental research, and policy advocacy coordination and support to both public and related civil society organizations is desired
  • Experienced in contextualising and elaborating counting methodologies and data collection processes and tools.
  • Excellent facilitation, writing and reporting skills 
  • Computer literate and able to apply Microsoft Office and other analytical tools efficiently 
  • Excellent verbal and oral communication skills; fluency in spoken and written English are highly desired.
  • Ability to think strategically and creatively
  • Excellent interpersonal relation skills 
  • Conducting participatory and inclusive collaborative processes across different organisations, stakeholders and constituents


How to Apply:

Submit a well detailed Curriculum Vitae and Cover letter to copy


Application Deadline:

23rd November, 2022


Call for Interview

24rd November, 2022


Contacting of successful applicants/Signing of TOR/Engagement of Consultant:

25th November, 2022


Expression of Interest (EoI)

Candidates should submit an Expression of Interest by 22 November 2022 by email to  

CIF offers equal opportunities for all. CIF is committed to SHEA (Sexual Harassment, Exploitation and Abuse) and safeguarding overarching principles.

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