Climate Justice: Ibeno Youth take to the street

Young people from Ibeno Community trained on Social Audit,Freedom of Information Act, Act and Art of Communication,Public Finance, Policies, Political Education and Gender Responsive Public Service took a walk on the street to raise awareness about the adverse impact carbon emissions have had on their community.

Despite being an oil producing community and a major source of revenue for Nigeria, the community have been impacted negatively by the reckless oil extraction by oil and gas industries which has affected their means of livelihood that has escalated the rate of poverty, unemployment and youth restiveness in the community.

Beneficiaries of our training from the community took to the street for social behavioural change communication to amplify their voices for social intervention in the community.

Young people in the community want:
✓An Access to basic healthcare Infrastructure in the community.
✓ The community want oil producing industries to put an end to gas flaring
✓They want a trust fund for social protection in the community.

Their Advocacy is also geared towards encouraging community residents to plant trees to reduce to harmful effect of carbon emission.

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