Demanding Accountability from Public Actor

Demanding accountability from public actors is paramount for any meaningful development. Clement Isong Foundation has organized several pieces of training on social audit and the freedom of information act. Our partner, follow the money hosted us on a conversation centered on accountability at Comfort 95.1 FM, Uyo .

Key points were highlighted to effectively engage public actors for accountability. Some of them were;

1. Engaging leaders at different levels of representative leadership: village council, LGA chairman, and House of Assembly using their manifesto

2. Getting involved in budget processes; budget preparation, authorization, and implementation at the ministerial, executive, and legislative levels

3. Read and understand policies and extant laws; electoral act, citizens accountability reports, PA, Citizens Budget

4. Get to know the tools to use in demanding accountability: FOIA, Social Auditing, Procurement law

5. Organizing pressure and action groups for reforms; also mainstream existing community development associations.

6. Town hall legislative debriefing

7. Articulating citizens’ charter of demand or local action plan

Clement Isong Foundation is committed to raising public awareness of the importance of citizen participation in decision-making.

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