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Education and Capacity Building


Worldwide, a quarter of a billion children, adolescents, and youth are still not in school today. Of those enrolled, approximately 617 million fail to achieve basic learning proficiencies each year. Nearly 60% of the world's youth who cannot read or write are girls, underlying the ongoing gender and equity disparities in delivering quality education for all.

Clement Isong Foundation (CIF) is committed to collaborating with stakeholders including the private sector, academia, government, and civil society partners to equip girls, boys, and young adults with the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values needed to help them interact effectively with the world and become contributing members of society.

This includes increasing access to quality education and secure learning opportunities, accelerating the progress of holistic and relevant learning outcomes, and strengthening the delivery of inclusive and pluralistic learning systems.

Critical to this work, is our Bi-annual Education Stakeholders' Summit and CIF School2035, a program advocating for the implementation of a strategic roadmap of states on education and co-creating solutions towards school longitudinal learning improvement program across states and countries seeking to empower the next generation of children and young people with the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values to interact effectively with the world and become contributing members of society.

The program will benefit approximately 500,000 learners each year and inform 10 state governments with new evidence-based solutions about effective learning improvement strategies for children and youth, indirectly benefiting millions of learners by the end of the UN Sustainable Development Goals in 2030. 

CIF's education improvement programs annually benefit thousands of learners across schools and community-based learning centers, enabling children and young people to become more resilient learners, innovative problem-solvers, and leaders of a more pluralistic society.

Scores of undergraduates have benefited from our exchange programs, scholarships as well as Clement Isong Prize for Excellence/Best Student Endowment across universities.

 Institutional Capacity Strengthening

CIF addresses capacity building beyond the provision of education and training of professionals. It aims to enhance the capacity of governments, businesses, non-governmental groups, and communities to plan and manage the coast efficiently and effectively.

We aim to improve institutional arrangements for policy development, management, and implementation. This implies addressing capacity building on a long-term and at the strategic level.

CIF provides support and services in terms of human capacity building; institutional capacity building; and informing civil servants, employees, leaders, managers, related institutions, and the public at large.

We support actions that have tangible, positive, and measurable effects on providing additional digital know-how levels to individuals and institutions.

We have continued to reinforce capacity and avoid fragmentation of efforts by fostering collaboration, sharing of resources (human, technical, institutional), as well as the creation of a culture of discussion and communication among all parties.

We offer training and capacity-building programs to civil, private, and public institutions in collaboration with universities, institutes, and consulting firms across the world. This includes:

Certificate in Public Policy

Certificate in Local Economic Development

Certificate in Non-profit Leadership

Certificate in Development Planning

Certificate in Corporate & Public Solution Designs

Awards/Certificate in Management Consulting

Certificate in Strategic Partnership and Collaborative Engagement

Certificate in Policy Entrepreneurship

Certificate in Market Systems Development

Certificate in Entrepreneurship Development

Internship Programs


Other Customizable Programs


Clement Isong Global Undergraduate Exchange Program Ci - UGRAD

This student exchange program is solely for excellent and high-performing undergraduate students who have an impressive academic track record and are open to gaining international exposure and meeting new people. The duration of the program lasts for a year and the deadline is December on an annual basis.

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To provide a platform for examining relevant public policy and social issues affecting Nigeria, Africa and Humanity

Meet Clement Isong

Clement Nyong Isong, CFR (20 April 1920 – 29 May 2000) was a Nigerian banker and politician who was governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (1967–1975) during the military regime of General Yakubu Gowon. He was later elected governor of Cross River State (1979–1983) in the Nigerian Second Republic.

He studied at University College, Ibadan, Iowa Wesleyan College, Mount Pleasant, Iowa, and the Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, where he obtained a Ph.D. in Economics.

He taught economics at the University of Ibadan before joining the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) as secretary, later becoming director of research.

He was seconded to the International Monetary Fund as an adviser in the African Department.


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