Effective Probes to checkmate misinformation

Global Ws to Checkmate Misinformation

Clement Isong Foundation is committed to building capacity of young people to apply global ethics for Information Consumption.

Digital Technology has made it easy for anyone to gain access to information. With a mere click, information can be shared, uploaded and disseminated in the speed of limit.

In light of this, media literacy is pertinent to equip young people to gain insight on what constitutes accurate, reliable and verifiable information.

In view of this, Clement Isong Foundation aligns with a global 5 Ws to Checkmate Misinformation, Disinformation and Mal information practiced in our digital era.
The foundation is committed to providing useful questions and messages to reduce the spread of propaganda and conspiracies peddled by some misguided actors to mislead young persons for their selfish interest.

The Five (5Ws) are
✓ Who Made It?
This question is a major ask when probing any released information. The face behind the post will determine the credibility of the information posted.
✓Where Did it come from
The source of any information is critical for verification purposes. Where the information originated from will help factor the values of the originators of such information. It will unveil the intentions behind the post.
For instance, a hungry and smiling lion cannot have the best interest for an antelope, even with his friendly gestures.

✓ What is the Source of Information
The spread of false information can be adequately checked if the source of the information is critically examined. The what question will probe and interrogate the identity and origin of the information.

✓ Why are you sharing the Information
The question on why the information is shared is set to inquire the intents behind the dissemination of information. It seeks to understand for what purpose or reason the information was shared.

✓When was it published?
The date of any publication will ascertain the time when such publication was made. If the publication was intended to cause harm, the question along other questions will probe the timing of the publication.

While we advocate for digital inclusion for the growing population of persons, especially in rural areas who do not have digital access, it is important that our audience master the 5 Ws to probe critical information that has been disseminated across media pages.

We encourage our audience to follow all our social media pages for accurate, reliable and verifiable information. Reach out to any of our pages for more information about our activities and projects.

By Akan James

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