Who We Are

The Beginning of TCIF

The Clement Isong Foundation (TCIF) was set up by the family of the late Chief (Dr.) Clement Nyong Isong, CFR (1920-2000) to immortalize his name, virtues, and legacy. He was a world-renown, frontline nationalist, expert economist, seasoned banker and an Elder statesman.

Since its establishment in May, 2006, the Foundation believes in powerful creative collaboration that is why partnerships are built with NGOs, governments and individuals for fast and better solutions that facilitate qualitative Empowerment of becoming an economic research, social provider and socio-economic policy oriented Foundation, while keeping with the singular vision of preserving and perpetuating the numerous legacies of Chief Dr, Clement Isong, CFR. Notable among these have been the Akwa Ibom State Government, the Cross River State Government, the Ibibio Elders Forum, several banks and numerous well-meaning citizens of Akwa Ibom State in particular and Nigeria in general. These names will be etched in gold when the permanent secretariat of the Foundation is built.

Moving Higher


Our Core Objectives

The Clement Isong Foundation (TCIF), in its corporate essence, is supported by six (6) core objectives that are inter-related within the over-all context of a holistic goal of becoming an economic research, social services provider and socio-economic policy-oriented Foundation, that is internationally acclaimed.

Economic Research & Policy Development, Good governance & Democratization

The desire to devolve to the polity, robust economic blue-prints underscores the interest of The Clement Isong Foundation (TCIF) in supporting Economic Research and Development. This the Foundation does in partnership with economic and financial institutions that are both public and private sector-based. The outcome of these economic research/ studies are collated and published, and made available to governments and policy-making institutions.

Educational Strategies For Quality Life Enhancement

One of the priorities of The Clement Isong Foundation (TCIF), is investing in quality education with a facial commitment to enhancing human capacity development.

Good Governance And Democratization

The Foundation, places premium emphasis on good governance, social justice and democratization of the political system, which concepts are the bedrocks of a civilized society.

Capacity Building For Prison Reforms

The Clement Isong Foundation (TCIF) has a passion for prison reforms. This is in tandem with current trends around the globe where prisons are undergoing fundamental reforms from punitive institutions to reformatory centres. Having reckoned with the facts of the possibility of miscarriage of justice, as it does occur, TCIF seeks through various vocational skills empowerment programmes to give a sense of value and provide options of viability to these pariahs of the human society. This is with the goal of preparing them for a life of economic productivity and self-worth after serving jail terms. The issue of judicial review of contentious cases, also constitute the goal of TCIF in ensuring justice for the hopeless and down-trodden.

Community Health Sustainability Scheme (CHESS)

Community Health Sustainability Scheme (CHESS) is one of TCIF core objectives. ‘Health is wealth’ and in this connection, TCIF, views the issue of fostering healthy society as a primal goal. In the few years of her existence, TCIF has carried out community-centered programmes with the aim of engendering healthy living standards among the people through the Community Health Sustainability Scheme (CHESS). This scheme which is carried out mostly in the remote hinterland, where many rural folks dwell in the form of Free Medical Outreach. This, the Foundation implements in partnership with health-based organizations like Pro-health International,medical women Association of Nigeria and Nigeria medical Association (NMA)

Poverty Alleviation, Youth & Gender Initiative (PAYGI)

Poverty Alleviation, Youth and Gender Initiative (PAYGI) is a core objective of The Clement Isong Foundation (TCIF). It is cardinal to the Foundation’s vision and quest to empower the masses economically, thereby creating jobs and reducing the level of unemployment in the society. It is a leading-edge objective via which the TCIF makes critical interventions in vocational and technical skills training of the youth and women through the implementation of programmes such as the youth Empowerment Scheme (YES) and Women Empowerment Initiative (WEIN). This objective (PAYGI) cuts across all the other objectives of TCIF, and functions in complementarity to the efforts of governments in this regards.


To preserve and perpetuate the numerous legacies of Chief (Dr.) Clement Nyong Isong, CFR through community service and relevant public policy discourse.


» Good governance and democratization: the pivots focus for all other objectives. » Economic research and policy development » Educational strategies for quality life enhancement » Community Health Empowerment Schemes (CHESS)


To provide a platform for examining relevant public policy and social issues affecting Nigeria, Africa and Humanity

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