Impact and Leadership: Drive for Sustainable Development Goals

Some of the Great Leaders that have inspired us to take action while promoting the legacy of Chief Dr Clement Isong are

✓Kofi Annan
✓Nelson Mandela
✓Antonio Guterres

Kofi Annan, a former United Nations Secretary General stressed the importance of Gender Equality in eradicating poverty, hunger and promoting sustainable development goals.
As Global citizens, we strongly believe that no society can attain enviable heights without men and women playing key roles in integration,peace and prosperity.

•We believe that Citizens, Institutions and Organisations can come together to strengthen advocacy to transform laws and policies that perpetuate gender inequalities. We can promote policies that support the agency and rights of women, girls, and marginalized groups; and, ensure health and key equity measures are disaggregated by sex and age.

•We strongly commit to goal 5 of the Sustainable Development Goal to end all forms of discrimination against women and girls, eliminate all forms of harmful practices and support National and Subnational National Governments in making sound policies and enforceable legislation to empower women to participate in Leadership.

•We also believe that Climate Change poses a fundamental threat to places, livelihoods and species. Most Communities in the costal Nigeria are presently underwater due to harmful carbon emissions. Oil spillage is common in oil producing Communities with no form of social protection floor for residents of these communities.

•At Clement Isong Foundation, we are committed to engaging Government, Stakeholders of Oil Producing Communities and Oil Companies in a multi task dialogue to end marginalisation of these communities and bring meaningful development in these communities.

•We are advancing policies to fight climate change and help communities to stay Resilient in climate change adaptation.

•We are  building capacity of selected participants from these marginalised communities on Social Audit and Freedom of Information Act.

•We have also trained them in Communication to design and adopt best communication medium to engage critical stakeholders.
They are equipped with practical knowledge on Public Finance, Policies and Gender Responsive Public Service to effectively engage stakeholders in Community Development.

We also believe that through collaboration we can achieve more.

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