Policy Time: Akwa Ibom Youth Development Fund Bill

How much knowledge do we have about the Akwa Ibom State Youth Development Fund Bill?

Do you know that this bill was passed into law by the Akwa ibom by the  6th Assembly in March 19, 2019 and is still awaiting assent?

Are you aware that when passed into law, the fund will

1.0 Create Job opportunities for the teeming population of young people in the state.

2.0 Create Economic Development Opportunities through a legally established, independent and recognised institutions saddled solely with important responsibility.

3.0 Attract counterpart funding from Federal and International Donor Agencies.

4.0 Drastically reduce Youth Restiveness and anti social activities.

Do you know that issue that bother on transparency, accountability and integrity has been addressed through a management board that is composed of

1.0 A chairman, who will be appointed by the Governor

2.0 A Representative, not below the rank of a Deputy Director from

2.1 Ministry of Labour, Productivity and Manpower Planning

2.2 Ministry of Youth and Sport

3.0  A Youth Entrepreneur

4.0 A Representative from the National Youth Council of Nigeria

5.0 Legal Practitioner not less than 5 years of post call

6.0 A Representative from the Civil Society (An Expert on Monitoring and Evaluation)

7.0 Representative of Youth Advocacy Cluster nee Youth initiative for Policy Advocacy, Reorientation and Economic Development

And the Function of this Management Board include;

Recieving of monies accruing to the fund, sourcing for counterpart funding to invest in the fund .

Disbursing monies from the fund, hiring of staff and consultant for the fund and setting guidelines amongst others.

The Tenure of the Board is 4 years and the key investment areas for this Sustainable Policy Framework are

1.0 Entreprise and Entrepreneurship Development

2.0 Labour Market Research and Impact Evaluation

3.0 Technical and Vocational Education

4.0 Attitudinal and Reorientation Program

5.0 Economic Diversification of the Non Oil Sector

6.0 Funding of Youth Cooperative

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